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Volunteer work, programs and fundraisers.

We encourage those with Cancer and or family members to call or stop by our office to speak confidentially to our Support Staff one on one.

We offer programs that can assist those facing financial difficulties during treatments to some degree. We Care Cancer Support Inc also offers newly styled wigs, head coverings, group support sessions along with one on one support and more at no cost to those with Cancer of their families.

Our Services & Products Include (but are not limited to):

Breast Cancer Support when women or men are newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer, they may feel overwhelmed, alone and vulnerable. Our Volunteer Cancer Support Team are Breast Cancer Survivors living productive lives who offer understanding, support and hope. Talking with our Volunteers gives a measure of comfort and an opportunity to ask questions, express feelings of concerns and fears.

Men Against Cancer brings hope and understanding to men who have been newly diagnosed with cancer and to their families who aren’t sure where to turn by providing hope, support and education. Men Against Cancer Volunteers are Cancer Survivors living productive lives who urge all Men to talk with their Health Care Provider for screenings which are appropriate to each Man’s age and risk factors. Talking with our Volunteers gives an opportunity to ask questions, express feelings of concern and fears.

Childhood Cancer is the number one cause of disease related deaths for children between birth and age 19 in the United States. Currently, only one penny is used for Childhood Cancer research from every dollar donated to cancer research. Children with cancer and their families have special needs that can be best met by Children’s Cancer Centers. Treatments of Childhood Cancer in specialized treatment centers take advantage of a team of Specialists who know the unique needs of Children. These Centers will offer your child the most current treatments, new therapies and if eligible participation in clinical trials. Unfortunately, our area does not have Childhood treatment centers ~ families must travel to Phoenix, Las Vegas and or other out of area treatment centers. We Care Cancer Support Inc helps the families with travel expenses.

Cancer Support Meetings are the third Thursday of every month at a comfortable, non-clinical meeting place where participants can be open about their cancer(s) or that of a loved one in complete confidence. This also gives Caregivers an opportunity to share their experiences, fears and concerns. Care giving is a challenge triggering emotional and physical stress and being afraid to ask for help when feeling “locked in”. We Care Cancer Support Inc provides “me time” which makes a huge difference for the weary but dedicated Caregiver.

We Care Cancer Support Inc also provides skin care products to those in treatment to help them Feel Fabulous and Look Great at no cost to them or their families. Our Feel Fabulous and Look Great volunteer consultant helps women and men cope with skin changes during treatment.

Cancer Transportation Fund assists those in treatment who are experiencing financial hardship getting to and from their cancer treatments. This program is an application process subject to verification. For more information, please call 928-299-5022.

Bottles of Hope is our ongoing project using new chemo bottles made into inspirational gifts that are given to those in treatment by their oncology Nurse to mark the end of their treatment.

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