Who We Are

We are here not for income — but for outcome.

We Care Cancer Support, Inc. is an organization who maintains business solely from fund raisers and donations.

Living with cancer can be one of the greatest challenges a person can face in a lifetime.

The staff at We Care Cancer Support, Inc. helps meet this challenge together offering compassion, understanding and assistance to those with cancer — as no one should ever face this insidious disease alone. Our Staff actively participates in raising community awareness for the importance of regular cancer screenings. Knowledge is power and the more one knows about their cancer diagnosis and treatments, the better equipped they will be for their journey to recovery.

When a person hears they or their loved one has cancer, they may feel overwhelmed, alone and vulnerable. Talking with one of our knowledgeable volunteers gives comfort in knowing they have the opportunity to ask questions, express concerns and fears in private with complete confidence. Most of our Volunteers are cancer survivors living full and productive lives.

We Care Cancer Support, Inc. has been helping those with different cancers in the Tri-State area since March 2004 by offering items they may need to help maintain a quality of life. Items include but are not limited to newly styled wigs, head coverings, hats & caps, resource referrals, group support meetings, one on one support, informational brochures, and much more including gasoline assistance, medical and RX co-pays. We serve 30 or more clients a month from the Tri-State communities at no cost to them or their families. However, because we are a small organization, our funds are often limited.

We Care Cancer Support, Inc. is a nonprofit 501C3 (56-2464867) organization who maintains programs and services solely from fund raisers and donations. We are sincerely grateful to our communities who unconditionally donate and support our fund raisers throughout the year. All proceeds remain in our communities; we are not affiliated with other organizations or groups.

Where there is Breath, There is Life

Where there is Life, There is Love

Where there is Love, There is Hope


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