Volunteers bring compassion and understanding to those diagnosed with Cancer and help bring support and education to them and their families.

We Care Cancer Support Inc volunteers actively participate in community awareness and education and urge everyone to talk with their Health Care Provider about regular screenings appropriate to age and risk factors. Knowledge is power and the more you know the better equipped you will be to handle to the journey from diagnosis to recovery. We encourage everyone to actively participate in raising Community Awareness about the importance of regular screenings as early detection saves lines.

We Care Cancer Support Inc is always looking for caring volunteers to staff the office  along with our many fundraisers throughout the year.

For more information about becoming one of our valued volunteers, please call 928-299-5022 or email us wecareteam5022@gmail.com

It doesn’t take a specific skill to help….just the desire to give a little of your time to make someone elses life a little better.


Working to provide support to those who have or are still battling with Cancer. Volunteer work, programs, and fundraisers.